Antonio Loureiro has consolidated his career as a vibraphonist exploring a new language in the instrument, which is not only influenced by jazz or bossa nova, highlighting the experience with electronic processing. The other instruments that he often works (piano and drums) has a direct influence on the music that he makes with vibraphone. His work moves between classical music, popular chamber music, Pernambuco rock, contemporary jazz, solo concerts of Brazilian guitar compositions, electronic and electroacoustic music and free improvisation projects

Em 2007, Antonio formou o VibraTrio com Fred Heliodoro e André Limão, tocando com o trio em Minas Gerais e alguns festivais de Jazz da região, e desde então tem tocado vibrafone em projetos bem diversos, realizando colaborações com Siba, Arto Lindsay, Ricardo Herz, André Mehmari, Tatiana Parra, Rafael Martini, Kristoff Silva, Naná Vasconcelos, AfroElectro, Benjamim Taubkin, Arismar do E. Santo e Chico Correa dentre outros artistas brasileiros. Gravou seu último disco em 2012, onde um dos instrumentos centrais (está em quase todo o disco) é o vibrafone


In 2007, Antonio created the group Vibratrio featuring Fred Heliodoro and Andre Limão, playing with the trio in Minas Gerais and some jazz festivals in the region, and has since then played vibraphone on very different projects, performing collaborations with Siba, Arto Lindsay, Ricardo Herz André Mehmari, Tatiana Parra, Rafael Martini, Kristoff Silva, Nana Vasconcelos, AfroElectro, Benjamin Taubkin, among other Brazilian artists. He recorded his last album in 2012, where one of the central instruments (it allover the record) is the vibraphone.​


Noteworthy are the last two works in duo playing vibraphone. With Ricardo Herz, work that had its first CD recorded in 2014, and recently the duo with the renowned pianist André Mehmari. In addition to concerts with this duo, the composer André Mehmari composed a piece to be premiered by Antonio Loureiro, for vibraphone, piano and symphony orchestra, and had its premiere in July 2015 at the Palace of Arts in Belo Horizonte with OSMG in the Savassi Festival .


In this Vibraphone 4tet project, Loureiro has arrangements that give new face to some songs known by the general public, as well as compositions of his own..



Antonio Loureiro - Vibraphone

Pedro Martins - Guitar and keys

Frederico Heliodoro - Bass

Pedro Ito - Drums