This is the last authorial work developed by Antonio Loureiro. The work is intense and powerful showing musicians that in this collective and in their own works create new ways for the so admired and known "Music from Minas Gerais". This work is the result of a great intimacy between a group of musicians playing together on several other projects for many years. The repertoire, songs from the last album "Só" (2013) and new compositions, among them LIVRE, last single released in 2015 that you can download here, also with special arrangement for this formation.


In March 2015 this show was released in Belo Horizonte with special guest Sergio Santos. This show was recorded and filmed, resulting in exclusive videos and an EP available for download hereXXXXX. In the same year, a presentation was held with very special guest Mike Moreno at the Savassi Jazz Festival.


In October 2015, had the opportunity to play this repertoire with a fully formed band by Portuguese musicians specially assembled by guitarist André Fernandes (PT). Three crowded consecutive performances at the Hot Club Lisbon showed an captive audience in the city. Loureiro wants to record an album with this group.



Antonio Loureiro - piano, teclados e voz

Joana Queiroz - Clarone e Sax Tenor

Alexandre Andrés - Flautas

Jonas Vitor - Sax Tenor

Felipe Continentino - bateria

Frederico Heliodoro- Contrabaixo e baixo elétrico

Rafael Martini - piano e voz

Sara Lana - Video arte e projeções

Daniel Tápia - engenheiro de som