Mehmari and Loureiro are both composers and multi instrumentalists who carry within themselves different musical universes. In this work, their origins and musical experiences are the triggers for creating new sounds: the fusion between classical and popular song and instrumental music, seeking to break these conceptual dualities and explore the musical possbilidades found in the transience of genres. The repertoire is made of compositions created by the duo itself, music of both composers and composition from brazilian icons such as Guinga, rearranged from the unique sound that these musicians exploit through diverse instrumentation that play (vibraphone, piano, drums, synthesizers, etc. ).


André Mehmari has a strong presence in the international Jazz scene. Having been awarded and recognized as one of the greatest pianists of Brazil, is also a reference among Brazilian composers of classical music today.


Antonio Loureiro is multi instrumentalist from Minas Gerais in manny ways. His academic degree as a percussionist and his training as improvising musician, learning from the masters of the genre such as Toninho Horta, Juarez Moreira and many others. Has a composition work originated in this place and eviorment. Moreover, it is one of the most current references the vibraphone in Brazil, working with improvisation and electronic processing.



André Mehmari - piano, sintetizadores, flauta baixo e voz

Antonio Loureiro - vibrafone, bateria, percussão e voz